Motley 5 industry rumors are circulating that John 5 could be the new guitarist

And Motley Crew replacing an aging MCmars for future shows

They go on to talk a little bit about how Vince Neil recently talked about touring in 2023

internationally and plans on stretching that into 2024 

as well as another Las Vegas residency and they talked about MCMar’s age

And how he will be 72 in the spring of 2023 and most importantly his 

Ongoing health issues especially related to his condition known as article goes on

to say Metal Sludge have been tipped off from a few in the industry that John 5 is strongly being considered

and just might be the guy you will see playing guitar for Motley Crew at some point in the future

John 5 May no longer be a member of the Rob Zombie band

I remember seeing last spring John 5 on several occasions during his solo shows playing home sweet home

And I know he did a Medley at the end of most of his shows 

but in particular this one he played the full song with audience